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Taking responsibility and ensuring success: this is how we understand the term ‘development’. Our process designs are specific, because each task is different and requires a tailor-made solution. Our input can be a long-term orientation, accompanying an entire project, or it can focus on particular phases. As an active hub between all the stakeholders in a development process, we relish challenges.


Traditional Swiss values like reliability, precision and quality are the cornerstones of Nüesch Developments philosphy. They form the overarching principles of the company strategy.


For each project we strive to surround ourselves with an interdisciplinary team selected amongst our network of high-level experts, thereby ensuring solution-oriented results.


Extraordinary people and clients generate unique solutions. Therefore we stand for competence and the distinct ability to bring new impulses and to integrate them in development projects.


The responsible balance of economy, ecology, society, culture and long-term economic success is our concern. We play our part in securing a common future through sustainable real estate projects.